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Analytical skills from the left brain
Creative abilities from the right brain

Imagine a designer & developer that envisions solutions and innovations through the eyes of an entrepreneur. A techie who delivers brand strategy and thought leadership via print collateral, CMS sites, mobile apps and UX digital assets.

Toolbox & Clients

Left Brain Stack

MySQL Apache stack PHP development PHP development Client-Side Server Node.js

Right Brain Stack

Adobe Illustrator and SVG Photoshop design SCSS, CSS3 & Preprocessor scripting HTML, HTML5 hand coding Javascript Coding Angular, Vue, Jquery
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georgia correctional industries design georgia department of corrections public website sage pay illustrated animated project avaya-loyalty poster campaign

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Georgia Correctional Industries UI/UX Project

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Georgia Department of Corrections Mobile Caribbean Tourism App

Print Marketing

interactive landing page promoting new Sage pay banner ad and landing page campaigns
Avaya internal loyalty campaign

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I love helping - here's a hint to get through!

I am an entrepreneur and prefer projects that allow me to visualize strategies, pitch solutions to stakeholders, develop the design and function of these approved campaigns and deliver exceptional solutions to market. I typically implement measurements and performance standards to understand how these solutions impact the market. I travel across the world but my work is performed remotely, mostly from my horse farm.